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Employee Spotlight – Shane Landelius

Most of us know him by the name Shane, but did you know his first name is actually Joshua? Or that Shane used to own and manage a comic book store? We found out quite a bit about Joshua “Shane” Landelius, from his quirky sense of humor to his steadfast and unwavering loyalty. He has been a complement to our Truckload division and has made a lasting impression with Airways Freight.

Shane began his career with Airways in April of 1998. He had previously worked as a bartender and heard stories about the family atmosphere as well as the much-needed benefits Airways provides.

Born in Dearborn, Michigan and raised in Northwest Arkansas, Shane is one of four children. He learned a great deal of responsibility and self-sufficiency from his Mother. She instilled the work ethic he has shown today, and taught him to have an open mind and to try to see things from a different perspective.

He spent his younger years fishing, swimming and playing basketball with his friends. He attended several different schools including a boarding school. Shane’s favorite extra-curricular activities included Speech, Drama, and Debate. He mostly competed in duet acting and improvisational duet acting.

Shane has three top highlights in his life, the first is the birth of his two sons, Owen who is 13, and Ryan 10. The second is that he has travelled to see two oceans and the Gulf of Mexico, and the third was a monumental learning experience camping at Camp Hale, Colorado. When he has spare time, (which isn’t that often) Shane loves spending time with his two boys, and hanging out with family and friends. He also enjoys watching documentaries and relishes in the fact that he can karaoke stone-cold sober.

Shane is very loyal and always gives us one hundred percent. He is also fun-loving and unique, and that’s what makes him such a well-rounded asset to Airways Freight. His favorite quote is a prime example of his willingness to prevail. “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” – Milton Berle.

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Employee Spotlight – Mike Berger

The go-to guy for any internet based technical support, Mike Berger first started his career with Airways in the night operations department. After becoming the Night Operations Manager, he transferred with a couple of stops along the way, to International Ocean Freight. After receiving his degree in computer science, he subsequently settled into Airways I.T. Department and has notably impressed us with his intellect for the past eleven years.

Born in Camden, Arkansas, Mike was adopted at the age of two by Charles and Paulette Berger. His father Charles was a High School Guidance Counselor, and his mother Paulette worked at UAMS as a Lab Technician. He grew up in Hot Springs, Arkansas and has very fond memories of his childhood. Mike’s grandfather was employed by the rail yard, so he would go with him to work on occasion and ride on different locomotives. Mike also spent his summers working at Magic Springs, a local amusement park.

In 1990, Mike moved to Northwest Arkansas to attend the University of Arkansas. He met his wife Kim in 1997 and married in the Fall of 2000. Together they have three children. Caden who is 12, Ryan 10 and Ava who is 6.

At the age of 27, Mike made the decision to search for his biological parents. In doing so, he discovered he was the youngest of seven biological siblings. All of which reside in different areas of the United States, from Louisiana to Nevada.

In Mike’s spare time, he plays competitive volleyball and loves attending his children’s different sporting events. Him and his wife have competed several times in the Warrior Dash, a 5k obstacle course race with 12 world-class obstacles. He’s an avid collector of Coca Cola and Star Wars memorabilia. His favorite collectible, is his 1957 Coca Cola machine. He likes to play poker and periodically throws poker tournaments for charity.
With his never-ending interest in technology, Mike has (at times) the arduous task of making sure Airways Freight stays connected with the rest of the world. He is instrumental in maintaining the network, and is successful in the process of keeping our employees online and productive. He is the glue that holds Airways together, and we are fortunate to have him on our team.

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Employee Spotlight – Shelly Greninger

You’ve heard her voice, chocked full of that Arkansas charm, Shelly Greninger has probably (at one time or another) spoken to every person that has called in to Airways. She is one of the first voices you hear when you call Airways and has been one of our PBX Operators for over 20 years.

Previously working as a bank teller and switchboard operator, Shelly was referred by a family member that was working for Airways at the time. Driving by on several occasions, she was always curious about what kind of business Airways was, and wondered what it would be like to work there. One of the things she found out and loves to this day is the family-oriented atmosphere and values as well as the flexibility and relaxed surroundings.

Born and raised in Farmington, Arkansas, Shelly has two biological daughters, Caitlin and Cambre and she is a stepmother to Samantha and Ben. She is also a grandmother to five grandchildren with another grandchild due in March. She has been married to her husband Ron (another employee at Airways Freight), for over sixteen years.

What you may not know about Shelly, is that she is also a licensed cosmetologist and has been a hairdresser part-time for the last fourteen years.

While not working her two jobs, Shelly does find the time to do some of her favorite things. She has a fondness for shopping (boutiques in particular), and likes playing the slots at the casino. She also likes to go to concerts, and listens to an array of music. Shelly loves being with her family and takes pleasure in cooking for them. She also adores spending time with her two miniature schnauzers Zoey and Jackson.

A self-described introverted extrovert, Shelly is kind and friendly, she has a caring heart and loves being with her family and friends. But, also enjoys good conversation and meeting new people.

Something that may surprise you about Shelly is that she is an expert at Trivia Crack and Song Pop.

Her friendly demeanor and southern charm have been a definitive part of Shelly’s character. She is the “Good morning Airways Freight” and a bright welcoming voice we all enjoy and appreciate.

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Christmas Traditions Around the World

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Employee Spotlight – Lindsey Remington

Since September of 2003, Lindsey Remington has been a discernible asset to our Domestic Operations department.

Formerly working for a local grocery store, Lindsey set her sights at finding a career with a company that would allow her the opportunity to grow. With having been introduced to Airways by a friend, she loved the family atmosphere and soon after began her journey as a Special Accounts Manager.

Lindsey loves the task of helping customers solve problems as well as the challenge of thinking and acting quickly. She loves being part of a team, and it has given her a wide-scope of what is being shipped in the freight forwarding industry. She likes the day to day interactions with customers and vendors from all over the United States. The family atmosphere to Lindsey is more than just colleagues and co-workers. Her brother Albert Kirk, is also an employee of Airways and part of the Domestic team.

Born and raised in Northwest Arkansas, Lindsey grew up on a small dairy farm in Lincoln, Arkansas. She loved animals growing up, and has very fond memories of her childhood.

Lindsey has two daughters, Sarah who is twelve years old, and River who is nine. She loves spending time with her girls, and visiting with family. Some of Lindsey’s favorite things to do outside of work, are listening to music, fishing and hiking. She also has a fondness for nature photography, as well as painting and drawing.

Kind and caring, Lindsey’s generosity goes above and beyond. To this day, Lindsey’s most notable accomplishment has been raising her two girls. She loves watching them grow and helping them become the young ladies they are today. Something that might surprise you about Lindsey, is that she was a surrogate mother for a family in New York.

Lindsey is greatly inspired and influenced by her ninety-four-year-old grandmother. Who is strong, stubborn and has the biggest heart of anyone she knows. She also “makes the best hot rolls around”!

Her relentless work ethic and team oriented mindset have been an essential element in her productivity at Airways Freight, and we are honored to have Lindsey Remington as part of our organization.

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Employee Spotlight – Kara Carlile

A progeny of long time employee, Kevin Willyard, Kara Carlile has always appreciated and admired the family atmosphere at Airways Freight.

Born in Austin, Texas and raised in Oklahoma, Kara visited Arkansas frequently, and spent a lot of her childhood visits with her Dad and her “Airways family”.

While working for five years previously as a hairdresser in Norman, Oklahoma, she decided to make a career move and relocate to Arkansas where she joined her Dad and the Airways Freight team. A place she had fond memories of, and has always felt so much a part of.

With her charismatic charm and wit to boot, Kara’s fresh outlook and enthusiastic work ethic has earned her a position in the Customer Service department of Airways. As part of a succeeding generation of outstanding predecessors Kara has made a lasting impression and continues to make her mark.

Some of Kara’s favorite things to do outside work, are reading, camping, canoeing and spending time with her Husband Josh, along with her dogs Ramona and Hank! She loves spending time with friends, and going to thrift stores and estate sales. Kara also loves and is slightly obsessed with all things Harry Potter. She also likes to read about unsolved mysteries and true crime.

For sixteen years, Kara participated in dance. She learned everything from tap and jazz to ballet. One of her most treasured memories was of her Dad joining in for a dance recital. The dance was to “Men in Black” by Will Smith, and he wore a black suite and sunglasses, like the character in the movie. Under his jacket was a sign that read “Kara Rae’s Dad”. Embarrassing as it was, it is a memory she will never forget!

With dancing in her background, it’s no surprise that Kara loves musicals. Her favorites being, Rent, Hamilton, Wicked and Cats.

Kara’s drive and ambition, come from a long line of strong women in her family. She is beyond thankful to be surrounded by her Mother, Step-mother, Grandmothers and Aunts and having been taught the many different things that have molded her into who she is today.

One of Kara’s favorite quotes is by F. Scott Fitzgerald – “For what it’s worth, it’s never too late to be whoever you want to be. I hope you live a life you’re proud of and if you find that you’re not, I hope you have the strength to start over.”

Other than knowing all the lyrics to every Hanson song, Kara’s palpable enthusiasm goes beyond her talent for Hanson lyrics, but shows in her every day work ethic. She is loyal and optimistic, sincere and forthright. She has proven to be an integral part and legacy to Airways Freight’s innovative generation.

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Employee Spotlight: Brock Wood

Since birth, Brock Wood has been a part of Airways Freight. He spent a lot of his childhood in and around the office, and always knew the history and values that Airways was built on. He grew up knowing how much the employees loved their jobs, and thought he would one day be a part of that.

Brock previously worked at a local grocery store, in the receiving department. His customer interactions gave him the skill and knowledge to transition to a position at Airways in the Domestic Operations Department, where he is currently. Brock appreciates and acknowledges the challenge it takes to “think outside the box”, and he has demonstrated that continually.

Brock was born and raised in East Fayetteville, Arkansas and grew-up close to Elkins, Arkansas. Some of his favorite memories were spent riding around backroads on four wheelers and motorcycles. On one occasion he remembers he and his brother getting mini bikes Christmas morning, and within minutes after receiving them, they had both wrecked them!

Brock met his wife Mandy while working together at Airways. They married in 2008 and have a son named Parker. Hand in hand, they have completed three different remodeling jobs to their family home, which is something Brock takes great pride in.

When not working, Brock loves being outdoors. He likes camping at the lake, shooting guns and riding ATV’s. Brock also loves to travel and is quite a history buff. He enjoys learning about history and visiting historical sites and museums. Brock believes that visiting historical areas gives people a greater appreciation for what they have, and what people had to go through before us, to give us the freedoms that we often time take for granted.

This past year, Brock got to travel to Guam on his ten-year anniversary with Airways. His experience was very humbling in that he visited WWII landmarks and museums and one of the beaches particularly had a lot of remaining heavy artillery from WWII and he imagined thousands of soldiers coming ashore, knowing and learning what they had gone through to take Guam back from Japan, and eventually secure the United States foothold in that area.

Brock is laid back and personable, he is also described by his co-workers as hard working and dedicated to both his job as well as his family and friends. He is respected among his co-workers and his work ethic is commendable and appreciated. He most recently has been appointed as one of our Advisory Board members. Go Brock!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

With the Holidays quickly approaching and Thanksgiving knocking on our front door, we would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to our Staff, Agents, Customers and Vendors. Without your service and dedication, there would not be an Airways Freight. That being said, Thanksgiving is a time for traditions, but did you ever wonder where some of those traditions started? Like where the term “Black Friday” came from? Or why we break the wishbone? Here are some fun facts from Babbel and Country Living Magazine.

1) The Original Feast
While most agree that the first Thanksgiving took place in Massachusetts in 1621, did you know that some people believe the town of San Elizario, Texas near El Paso hosted the first feast? In 1598, Spaniard Juan de Onate and 500 members of his crew crossed the Chihuahuan Desert and celebrated their survival with a feast of fish when they got to Texas.

2) The Food
While turkeys are local to the area where the pilgrims landed, the Wampanoag Indians would have been more likely to bring lobsters along with deer meat, clams and eels instead of the first feast. The pilgrims’ English preferences mean that they would’ve opted for duck and goose over turkey as well. In fact, turkey didn’t become a holiday staple until the 19th century when it was recognized as a cheap source of protein that could feed a large crowd.

3) The Side Dishes
While traditional sides like sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce seem like they could have been at the first Thanksgiving, they actually weren’t introduced to until about 50 years later when cranberry sauce was finally invented, and sweet potatoes finally made their way to America.

4) The Leftovers
Did you know the first-ever TV dinner came from Thanksgiving leftovers? In 1953 a worker at Swanson ordered too many frozen turkeys (260 tons too many to be exact) so a company salesman named Jerry Thomas had the idea to create a packaged dinner on aluminum trays. After an assembly line of women scooped turkey, corn-bread dressing, peas, and sweet potatoes onto the trays, the TV dinner was born!

5) The Holiday
We bet you didn’t know that the woman who wrote “Mary Had a Little Lamb” is also the person responsible for making Thanksgiving an official holiday. After petitioning the government for 17 years, writer Sarah Josepha Hale finally convinced Abraham Lincoln in 1863 to make it a national holiday that took place every year on the fourth Thursday of November.

6) The Date
However, Thanksgiving hasn’t always taken place on the fourth Thursday in November. In 1939, FDR moved the holiday up one week to help boost retail sales during the Depression. So many people complained that it was eventually moved back to the original date in 1941. The Thanksgivings between those years are referred to as “Franksgivings” still today.

7) The Wishbone
Breaking wishbones to grant secret wishes isn’t an American original. The tradition was inherited from the British, who got it from the Romans, who adopted it from the Etruscans who believed that birds had oracle powers. When birds died they would keep the wishbone and stroke it as they made wishes, which isn’t too far off from the modern practice.

8) The Parade
Every year millions of Americans tune in to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, but did you know that the parade has European origins? In 1924, the store’s immigrant employees decided to celebrate the beginning of the Christmas season like they would have in their European homelands-with a parade with knights, jugglers and clowns. The balloons weren’t introduced until 1927.

9) The Football
Millions of Americans tune in to watch football on Thanksgiving every year and it all started because the owner of the Detroit Lions wanted to promote the game in his baseball-obsessed city and convinced NBC to broadcast the game. Ever since that first NFL broadcast in 1934, the Lions have played on every Thanksgiving except during WW2. The Dallas Cowboys joined in on this NFL tradition in the 60s and America has had its post-dinner plans figured out ever since.

10) The Friday After Thanksgiving
Ironically the name “Black Friday” was supposed to keep people from not going shopping on the day after Thanksgiving. Even though Black Friday is now one of the biggest shopping days of the year, in 1966 the Philadelphia Police Department started referring to the day of shopping deals as Black Friday in hopes that it would deter people from adding to the traffic and commotion before the Army-Navy football game that same weekend.

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Employee Spotlight – Brett Parker

Something you would never expect about Brett Parker, is that he was a former Correctional Officer at a maximum-security prison in Huntsville, Texas and that as a rookie, he had to watch and count the inmates on death row. His integrity and fortitude are characteristics he drew from his experience and have been his motivation since.

Hired in January of 1994, Brett had previously been working as a customer service representative at a local car rental company. When he heard about a position opening from his brother-in-law, who was working for Airways at the time, he applied and was hired to work in the Trade Show Division. He heard great things about working for a “new and up-coming” company and his experience in customer service, allowed him to be an excellent candidate for the job. Twenty-three years later, he still loves the camaraderie of his fellow co-workers and the family atmosphere that goes along. Brett is currently working as a Special Accounts Manager and recognizes the value of “always being put in a position to succeed.”. He is appreciative of the great benefits he has encountered while working for Airways, as well as the notable college scholarship program that has helped with his son Jack’s education.

Brett Parker was born and raised in Fayetteville, AR. He met his wife Julie and has been married for twenty-six years. Together they have raised a son who is now a senior at the University of Arkansas.

When not at work, Brett takes great pride in gardening and landscaping. He also loves to play golf, especially with his son Jack. One of his favorite past-times is reading mystery novels, with Harlan Coben being his author of choice. Brett loves most genres of music, and as a lifelong Razorback fan, he loves watching the Hogs play.

Dependable, trustworthy and hardworking, Brett has always lived his life with civility and decorum and prides himself on his marriage along with raising his son. He is respected among his friends and co-workers, and has started preparing for his retirement. (hopefully not too soon).

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Employee Spotlight – Craig Luttrell

For the past 23 years, Craig Luttrell has been a fundamental asset to Airways Freight. Starting out in the trade show department, he transitioned to the position he is in today, Manager of the Truckload Division. His industrious and level-headed work ethic, has earned him that title.

After graduating from the University of Arkansas, Craig began his career working for JB Hunt. With his Father being close friends with the Caudle family most of Craig’s life, he spoke about how much he admired the family, and that Airways would be a great company to work for. Having grown up so close to Airways, and his family having several ties within the company, Craig was encouraged to apply.

Born and raised in Northwest Arkansas, Craig was one of three boys. He spent most of his childhood on motorcycles and go-carting. His work ethic was learned at a young age by helping his father build houses during the summer. Both of Craig’s parents have been very influential in his life. They taught him the value of hard work, and the fulfillment that comes from accomplishing your goals. Through skill, perseverance and elbow grease, Craig and his family have never lived in a home that they did not build themselves.

Craig married his wife Mandy in the Spring of 2005 in Niagara Falls, NY with the picturesque water falls in the background of the ceremony. The minister that performed the service was featured on the Travel Channel, because he was well known for marrying couples by the falls. A year or two later, Craig and his wife spotted him on a TV special and said “Hey, that’s our guy”!

Having 10-year-old twin girls, Belle and Evey, life is never ordinary or monotonous. With both of his daughters involved in sports, there is always a volleyball or basketball game to attend. One of his daughters is convinced that football is in her future. As a family, they spend a lot of quality time outdoors; camping, biking and exploring Northwest Arkansas. When Craig is not spending time with his wife and daughters, he likes to go to the gym and de-stress.

In addition to Craig’s work ethic and level headedness, Craig has a fantastic sense of humor. Something his fellow employees love about him. His wit and character are only a minuscule part of what makes working with Craig so delightful. He is mindful, enthusiastic, determined and respectful. He is a commodity in the Truckload division at Airways and it is a pleasure to work with him every day.

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