Expanding Our Reach

With our expertise in air freight, it was inevitable that our company would
expand our borders. An unwavering commitment to the same principles
that made us a domestic power, made possible our organic evolution into
a full service forwarder with a global reach, capable of meeting any air
requirement you may have, anywhere, anytime.

Air Freight Services

  • Next Flight Out
  • On Boards
  • Standard Air
  • Consolidated Air
  • Exclusive Use Aircraft (fixed or rotary wing)

Routing Options

  • Door to door
  • Door to airport
  • Airport to door
  • Airport to airport
  • Round trip
  • Tours and continuous moves

Special Commodity Handling

  • Oversized Cargo
  • Dangerous Goods (including radioactive)
  • Perishables (frozen or chilled)
  • Medical/Anatomical specimens
  • Autos – show, concept/prototype, vintage,¬†racing!
  • Motorcycles – show, concept/prototype,
    vintage, racing

Value-Added Services

  • Buyers; consolidation
  • Sellers; consolidation
  • Off-shore order fulfillment
  • Off-shore product distribution
  • WPM compliant packing & crating
  • Marine cargo insurance
  • Turn-key project management
  • TSA security compliance
  • In bond storage, transfer, carriage
  • On-site material handling

Customs Services for Export/Import

  • AES filing
  • Customs registration
  • Permanent & temporary (TIB/Carnet) customs clearance
  • FDA, FCC, Fish & Wildlife, APHIS entries & notices
  • Customs Classification assistance
  • ISF security filings
  • License validation
  • Carnet validation
  • In bond storage transfers/carriage (I.T., T&E, I.E.)
  • Foreign Duty & Tax consulting

Documentation Services

  • Commercial invoice/packing list
  • Letter of Credit Consulting & banking document
  • Dangerous goods documentation
  • Cargo labeling
  • Certificates of origin
  • Consular legalizations
  • Carnet generation
  • TSA compliance documents


  • 24/7 access to logistics and customs brokerage
  • Single source provider of logistics and customs
  • Schedule flexibility
  • ACE Certified / NEI CCS certified
  • Member of: NCBFAA, Trade Support Network, IELA
  • Experienced logistics and customs staff