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3849 West Wedington Drive
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PO Box 1888
Fayetteville AR, 72702

Delivering Performance

Domestic & International Shipping
Via Land, Air & Sea

Track a Shipment

You may track multiple shipments by entering comma-separated tracking numbers.

Industry-Specific Solutions

Airways Freight provides customized logistics services optimized for the
unique shipping and timeframe requirements of numerous industries.
Trade Shows
Product Delivery

Need Assistance?

Airways Freight is here to assist you with any shipping, tracking or
technical questions. Please call (800) 643-3525 to speak with an operator.

Delivering Performance

Introducing MyAirwaysFreight.
Track and manage shipments.

...and what a good feeling it is! Call 800.643.3525 or visit our website at #deliveringperformance

Unlimited Options, Unlimited services, Unlimited performance.
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In this time of uncertainty know that Airways Freight is here for any and all of your shipping needs! We are a 24/7 365 days a year operation and we are here for YOU! 800.643.3525 #deliveringperformance #shipping #WeAreAlwaysOpen

We are here 24/7 365! Call 800.643.3525 or visit our website for more information #deliveringperformance #freight #shipping #cargo #ocean #charter #international #ground

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