International Air Shipping

Expanding Our Reach

With our expertise in air freight, it was inevitable that our company would expand our borders. An unwavering commitment to the same principles that made us a domestic power, made possible our organic evolution into a full service forwarder with a global reach, capable of meeting any air requirement you may have, anywhere, anytime.

Export/Import Customs

  • AES filing
  • Customs registration
  • Permanent & temporary (TIB/Carnet) customs clearance
  • FDA, FCC, Fish & Wildlife, APHIS entries & notices
  • Customs Classification assistance
  • ISF security filings
  • License validation
  • Carnet validation
  • In bond storage transfers/carriage (I.T., T&E, I.E.)
  • Foreign Duty & Tax consulting

Documentation Services

  • Commercial invoice/packing list
  • Letter of Credit Consulting & banking document
  • Dangerous goods documentation
  • Cargo labeling
  • Certificates of origin
  • Consular legalizations
  • Carnet generation
  • TSA compliance documents


  • 24/7 access to logistics and customs brokerage
  • Single source provider of logistics and customs
  • Schedule flexibility
  • ACE Certified / NEI CCS certified
  • Member of: NCBFAA, Trade Support Network, IELA
  • Experienced logistics and customs staff!

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