Employee Spotlight: Hollis Hatch

In the relatively short time he has been with Airways (celebrating his third year on September third), Hollis Hatch has consistently shown the qualities of “can-do” that make people sit up and take notice. Not that he’s hard to pick out of a crowd with an imposing stature that leaves the majority of us looking up to say hello.


Ironically, says Hollis, despite his multi-XL size, he was regarded by his family as somewhat diminutive as compared to his identical twin brother, who is two inches taller than Hollis. This left Hollis with the unlikely nickname “Pee-Wee”, which was given to him affectionately by his mother because he was the so-called “runt of the litter.” Without a doubt though, his fellow workers consider Hollis a giant of a man in more ways than one.

Showing an immediate aptitude for operations and a team-player attitude put Hollis immediately in line for opportunity at Airways.  Moving from night operations to a position as an Ocean Account Manager on the day shift gave Hollis a strong base and broadened his skill set. When the Night Operations Supervisor spot became available, Hollis was at the top of the list of candidates and was promoted to the position in May of this year. As Night Supervisor, Hollis is responsible for mentoring a large number of our most inexperienced operations staff – a job that can literally set the tone for the future of Airways.  Fortunately, Hollis Hatch, in addition to being knowledgeable, is also a self proclaimed “people person.”  Hollis says, “I really enjoy the people (at Airways). I love dealing with the Agents and the customers, and I happen to be working with an excellent crew!”
Perhaps his ability to connect with others was nurtured at an early age by growing up in a military family.  Hollis’ father was a government contractor, which allowed he and his family to live and visit places all over the world. A little known, and interesting fact about Hollis is that he actually graduated High School while living in Cairo, Egypt, making him one of a very few Americans that can say they attended their high school graduation while standing in front of the Pyramids of Giza.
While Hollis lists his favorite things in the category of outdoor interests such as grilling, fishing, camping or just mowing the lawn, he still yearns for travel.  One of the top spots on the Hollis Hatch bucket list is occupied by a desire to someday make a return visit to Europe with his wife.