Employee Spotlight – Gordon Thomason

Stable and authentic, his quiet distinctive charm, makes Gordon Thomason an undeniable asset to his colleagues. His strong work ethic, and congenial approach make working with him revered.

An International Commercial Airfreight Account Manager, Gordon Thomason started his career with Airways Freight on December 4th of 2006, after previously working as an Operations Manager for a call center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. His transition from working for a large publicly owned company to a smaller privately-owned family-oriented business has made a great impact on his life today. Gordon values his relationships with his co-workers and is grateful to work for a company that holds their employees in such high esteem.

When Gordon isn’t in the office, he enjoys traveling. Spain being his favorite destination, the Cayman Islands hold a close second, but there is so much more of the world he aspires to explore.

Gordon has been married to his wife Heather for ten years, and together they have a daughter named Annika who is 8 years old. He is also the father to Dane 22, and Delaney who is 18.

Something you might not know about Gordon is that when he was younger, he attended military school in New Mexico. His three years turned out to be one of the best things that has ever happened to him, and ultimately life changing.

The youngest of six kids, with five older sisters, Gordon spent the greater part of his childhood in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. He was greatly influenced by his father, but learned quite a bit from his sisters growing up. He was an avid soccer player throughout his childhood and played until he graduated from high school.

Gordon loves college football and spending quality time with family and friends. He’s very friendly and is quick to lend a hand. He’s hard-working and steadfast and we are pleased he has made Airways Freight his home.

Employee Spotlight – Becky Evans

When it comes to paying the bills, no one does it better than Becky Evans. Having been in Accounts Payable for over half of her life, she began her tenure with Airways Freight in February of 1993 and to this day is the definition of loyalty.

A native of Northwest Arkansas, Becky Evans was born and raised in the small town of West Fork, Arkansas. Becky was quiet but adventurous as a child. With her parents being long haul truck drivers, she spent a lot of her summers traveling and experiencing life on the road. At home during the school year, she had her Grandparents to help care for her and her sisters. Becky had a great childhood and was an excellent student. She was involved in a lot of extracurricular activities such as basketball and softball, and was Homecoming Queen her senior year of high school.

In June of 1991, Becky married the love of her life Ricky. Together they have two children, Cody 27, and Josie (another 2nd generation employee of Airways) who is 23. They have one grandson, Liam who just turned three in February of this year.

When Becky isn’t paying the bills in Accounts Payable, she enjoys hiking Devil’s Den, and most recently picked up an interest in cycling the bike trails around Northwest Arkansas. Something she has always wanted to do. She also loves spending time with her family and spoiling her grandson whenever she can!

Becky is loyal, dependable, caring and is full of integrity. She always has a pleasant attitude and is consistently willing to offer a helping hand. The loss of her Mother and Sister to cancer has put her life into perspective. She never takes anything for granted and lives every day with adherence and principle. Something her Grandmother of 95 has instilled in her since childhood.

When asked what part of Airways she liked best, Becky, like most says it’s the family atmosphere. She has been the backbone of Accounts Payable, and with her knowledge and skill, along with her love of squirrels, she has made a home at Airways Freight, and we celebrate her longevity.

Employee Spotlight – Tyler Morrow

The father of another 2nd generation Airways descendant, Blaire Branch, Tyler Morrow has spent almost half of his life a loyal member of the Airways Freight organization. Starting his journey in February of 1998, Tyler was recommended by his Uncle, Neil Smith (another longtime employee of Airways). Soon after attending one of Airways Freight’s annual Mudbug bashes, Tyler was positive that’s where he wanted to be. The family atmosphere as well as the work ethic his co-workers illustrate, have always been incomparable to any other place he has worked.

Starting out in Airways Trade show division, Tyler traveled working as a show representative. He then did a brief stint in Airways International department then finally settled into Domestic freight and has been there ever since.

Born and raised in Arkansas, Tyler has fond memories of growing up in the small college town of Fayetteville. He enjoys the Arkansas Razorbacks and loves going to the sporting events whenever possible.

In 1992, Tyler married the love of his life Misty and have been together for 26 years. Together they have two children, Dallas 24 and Blaire who is 22 and has just begun her own journey at Airways. Tyler considers Misty the most influential person in his life. He is very proud of the extreme dedication she has for her job beginning as a Labor and Delivery Nurse for twelve years, and now doing pre-operative and post-operative care and the development of the Breast Cancer Navigation program at Willow Creek Women’s Hospital.

Some of Tyler’s favorite things to do outside of work are getting together with family and friends, golfing and traveling. He has seen Washington D.C. on the forth of July and has toured Alcatraz Island in San Francisco.

In March of 1998, after staying the weekend at Tannenbaum Golf Course, Tyler woke up with his arm numb from the elbow down. When after a couple of weeks the numbness was still there, he made an appointment with his doctor. Tyler was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Multiple sclerosis is an unpredictable, often disabling disease of the central nervous system that disrupts the flow of information within the brain, and between the brain and body.

Although he has been diagnosed with MS, Tyler does not let it define him. He wakes up in the morning and is grateful for each day he has been given. His positivity and strength are awe inspiring, and Airways Freight celebrates his accomplishments.

Employee Spotlight – Lance Brown

With an air of confidence and an intimation of sophistication, Lawrence Sheffield Brown, better known as Lance Brown has solidified his position as part of Airways Freight’s traveling Tradeshow representatives and has been an exemplary constituent since his hire in August of 2012.

Previously working at the 1936 Club, Lance got to know some of the Airways Freight employees, agents and vendors that were brought to business dinners at the restaurant. He was always intrigued by the prospect of working for a company with such a great reputation and was indubitably impressed by the good nature and positivity they had demonstrated. He knew that Airways was the place he wanted to be.

From his dreams of becoming a youth minister to having a hand in a successful restaurant business, Lance has found his niche as an Account Manager/Trade show representative at Airways Freight. Lance has always taken his positive attitude and exceptional work ethic as a way of life. With the relationships he has developed with his colleagues, to the day to day problem solving skills, Lance has become an essential part of our extraordinary trade show team and feels truly thankful.

Born and raised in the land of the Delta Blues, (Memphis, TN) Lance moved around with his Mother and Step-father, a Methodist minister, every three or four years. After finishing high school in Bentonville, Arkansas, Lance finally settled down in Fayetteville. Though moving from place to place gave him the ability to adapt and make friends easily, Lance always had the stability of spending summers with his Father and Grandmother and allocating time at the Bed and Breakfast they ran on Horseshoe Lake, in Arkansas which was about 45 minutes from downtown Memphis.

Lance loves spending time on the water, he enjoys fly fishing, swimming, wake-surfing and scuba diving. He embraces every moment he gets to spend outdoors and has treasured memories of camping and canoeing with his mother and brothers.

Being fortunate enough to marry his best friend, Lance met his best friend and wife Amanda while playing kickball and when the opportunity arose, they cemented their relationship and have been inseparable ever since. Together they enjoy having the company of family and friends and make a habit of doing so often.

Being from Memphis, Lance developed an appreciation for music at a very young age. He particularly enjoys the listening to the blues. When not listening to music and enjoying the outdoors, Lance loves to read. His favorite writers are Ernest Hemingway, Hunter S. Thomson and Jack Kerouac. He enjoys going to sporting events and his teams of choice are the Arkansas Razorbacks as well as the Memphis Tigers. He is also a big fan of the Dallas Cowboys and Memphis Grizzlies.

Lance is greatly influenced by his grandmother. Her positive, caring outlook as well as the extreme strength she demonstrated during her life, will forever play a major role in his character as a person.

From his knowledge of fine wine to his uncanny ability to strike up a conversation with just about anyone, Lance has just the right amount of life and career experience to take charge of any situation. He has astounding qualities that have certified his position at Airways Freight, and we are very pleased to have him.