With an air of confidence and an intimation of sophistication, Lawrence Sheffield Brown, better known as Lance Brown has solidified his position as part of Airways Freight’s traveling Tradeshow representatives and has been an exemplary constituent since his hire in August of 2012.

Previously working at the 1936 Club, Lance got to know some of the Airways Freight employees, agents and vendors that were brought to business dinners at the restaurant. He was always intrigued by the prospect of working for a company with such a great reputation and was indubitably impressed by the good nature and positivity they had demonstrated. He knew that Airways was the place he wanted to be.

From his dreams of becoming a youth minister to having a hand in a successful restaurant business, Lance has found his niche as an Account Manager/Trade show representative at Airways Freight. Lance has always taken his positive attitude and exceptional work ethic as a way of life. With the relationships he has developed with his colleagues, to the day to day problem solving skills, Lance has become an essential part of our extraordinary trade show team and feels truly thankful.

Born and raised in the land of the Delta Blues, (Memphis, TN) Lance moved around with his Mother and Step-father, a Methodist minister, every three or four years. After finishing high school in Bentonville, Arkansas, Lance finally settled down in Fayetteville. Though moving from place to place gave him the ability to adapt and make friends easily, Lance always had the stability of spending summers with his Father and Grandmother and allocating time at the Bed and Breakfast they ran on Horseshoe Lake, in Arkansas which was about 45 minutes from downtown Memphis.

Lance loves spending time on the water, he enjoys fly fishing, swimming, wake-surfing and scuba diving. He embraces every moment he gets to spend outdoors and has treasured memories of camping and canoeing with his mother and brothers.

Being fortunate enough to marry his best friend, Lance met his best friend and wife Amanda while playing kickball and when the opportunity arose, they cemented their relationship and have been inseparable ever since. Together they enjoy having the company of family and friends and make a habit of doing so often.

Being from Memphis, Lance developed an appreciation for music at a very young age. He particularly enjoys the listening to the blues. When not listening to music and enjoying the outdoors, Lance loves to read. His favorite writers are Ernest Hemingway, Hunter S. Thomson and Jack Kerouac. He enjoys going to sporting events and his teams of choice are the Arkansas Razorbacks as well as the Memphis Tigers. He is also a big fan of the Dallas Cowboys and Memphis Grizzlies.

Lance is greatly influenced by his grandmother. Her positive, caring outlook as well as the extreme strength she demonstrated during her life, will forever play a major role in his character as a person.

From his knowledge of fine wine to his uncanny ability to strike up a conversation with just about anyone, Lance has just the right amount of life and career experience to take charge of any situation. He has astounding qualities that have certified his position at Airways Freight, and we are very pleased to have him.