One of the things people comment on most after visiting the Airways headquarters in Fayetteville is how they feel comfortable with the people they meet here and how nice everybody is. It’s a great thing to hear, but truth is, we rarely give it much thought.  It’s just the way things are around here (most of the time). But when people at Airways think about downright nice and truly likable fellow workers, Andrew Brown’s name would most certainly be mentioned in the top 5.
At a young age, Andrew started with Airways (16 years ago to be somewhat exact), and like many, his initial job was on the night operations crew. With only one work reference under his belt, having worked five years in grocery retail, he remembers the days of scanning coupons and stocking dog food – a job he apparently didn’t find very interesting. So when the Airways opportunity came along, he took it.  Having lived his entire life in Northwest Arkansas, the world of freight forwarding appealed to him, and soon Andrew showed an interest in the specialized market of trade shows. Today he leads the entire group of trade show operators as the division manager under the direction of Hal Poole (the VP of trade shows) who frequently travels. Andrew says, “I really enjoy the people I work with,” but it’s a mutual respect on behalf of those that work with him that makes Andrew an effective leader.
Airways asked Andrew to say a little about himself and his interests, and he came back with some standard answers we hear from a lot of college sports fans around here.  “I like watching college football and spending time with the family.”  But what about other interests?
Well when we asked Andrew to tell us something most people don’t know about him, he said “I’m sarcastic.”  Uhhh…sorry Andrew, we already knew that one!  But then he just nonchalantly throws out there that he’s a big Metal fan.  Huh? Now take a look at that picture above and tell us this

looks like a heavy metal aficionado.  Are you seeing it?  Neither do we.  But apparently it’s true because tops on Andrew’s bucket list is to attend the annual Wacken Open Air concert.  Think 4-day scream fest for 85,000 metal heads out in the middle of nowhere Germany. Bands with names like Orange Goblin and Napalm Death will be there to regale their fans with ultimate loudness in 2017 – possibly with Andrew (The Crusher) Brown in attendance.

“Unfortunately” Andrew says, “I burned my *10-year trip on my family.”
There’s that sarcasm again Andrew.
*Airways has long sponsored an all expenses paid trip for employees and their families after they have reached 10 years on the job.