Airways Freight Corporation, as an active member of the International Exhibition Logistic Association (IELA), was proud to host the IELA 3rd quarter Board of Management Meeting in October.  The current IELA organization is comprised of 155 company members representing 55
countries.  The association provides a networking and educational platform for companies like Airways who are involved in the transportation, customs clearance and on-site material handling in the exhibition industry.  Unlike other industry organizations, IELA also sets and measures standards of performance for its members through an annual peer review,  and we have benefitted greatly from the process.  The IELA Board of Management is elected by the IELA General Assembly and is charged with execution of the objectives and administration of the organization towards that end.  Current Board members who participated in the meeting at Airways shown in the photo below include:

  • Mariane Ewbank, Fulstandig Shows & Events, Brazil
  • Ulrich Kasimir, Vice Chairman & Treasurer, Schenker Deutschland AG,  Germany 
  • H.S. Bedi, Member, PS Bedi Group, India 
  • Feyzan Erel, Member, Gruptrans Co. Inc, Turkey
  • Jim Kelty, Member, Airways Freight Corp., USA 
  • Achim Lotzwick, Member, Cretschmar Messecargo, Germany 
  • James Ng, Member, Transit Air Cargo, Singapore 
  • Christoph Rauch, Member, BTG Messe-Spedition GmbH, Germany
  • Ravinder Sethi, Member, RE Rogers India Pvt.Ltd., India

Also included in the photo are Ms Elizabeth Niehaus of the IELA Secretariet office,
along with a portion of the hosting staff at Airways.  Obviously this group
traveled a long way to get to here and we appreciated the great
opportunity to get to spend time with these industry leaders and show
them our well known, Airways Hospitality!

*You can see more about IELA and its leadership at