It is with heavy hearts that we report the loss of a man we have had the privilege to know and love for nearly three decades – a man that could make you cough up your socks laughing at his endless stream of jokes while standing in awe of his charisma and fearlessness. Frank Watson is a name and personality known and admired by thousands across the United States and the world.  While his life-long occupation was transporting goods of every description for customers large and small, one never lost the sense that his true business was people. The Trade Show industry gave him a vehicle to move amongst people from every nationality, race and creed, which may be why he loved it so much. We never failed to observe his uncanny ability to transpose his southern soul and easy manner into a moment of humor or a genuine sense of well being for people – no matter their culture or class standing – when he walked into a room. We wish you smooth flights as you go on without us, but we will miss you Frank Watson III.