Memorabilia Transported by Airways to Overseas sites commemorating U.S. Servicemen’s contribution during WWI


Airways received some kudos recently from the Executive Officer – Overseas Operations of a commission responsible for United States battlefield monuments abroad.  Airways provided the shipping, logistics coordination and final delivery of memorabilia, AV equipment and displays to two separate historically significant battlefield sites in Europe – one at the American Cemeteries in Meuse Argonne, France, and the other at Flanders, Belgium.
The project required coordination with the US Embassy in Paris to arrange customs clearance through a transit customs bond.  After clearance, the first stage was accomplished with delivery in France. Meanwhile the remainder of the shipment was delayed for a few days while awaiting site preparation to proceed in Belgium, but was completed successfully.


Afterwards, Airways was pleased to receive the following message, stating “Thanks in no small part to your support and efforts, millions will have an enhanced experience and leave with a better understanding of American courage and sacrifice at (these) honored places. We could not have completed these missions without your support and dedication.”
And Airways could not have accomplished our mission, had it not been for the superior service we received from our partners in Antwerp, our agent Manuport and their representative Annemie Quirynen.  Also, sincere thanks goes to our US agent Dave Matthews who acquired the opportunity, Michael Beckers who supervised the project, and Jerome Casey who handled the operations from our corporate headquarters.