For the past 23 years, Craig Luttrell has been a fundamental asset to Airways Freight. Starting out in the trade show department, he transitioned to the position he is in today, Manager of the Truckload Division. His industrious and level-headed work ethic, has earned him that title.

After graduating from the University of Arkansas, Craig began his career working for JB Hunt. With his Father being close friends with the Caudle family most of Craig’s life, he spoke about how much he admired the family, and that Airways would be a great company to work for. Having grown up so close to Airways, and his family having several ties within the company, Craig was encouraged to apply.

Born and raised in Northwest Arkansas, Craig was one of three boys. He spent most of his childhood on motorcycles and go-carting. His work ethic was learned at a young age by helping his father build houses during the summer. Both of Craig’s parents have been very influential in his life. They taught him the value of hard work, and the fulfillment that comes from accomplishing your goals. Through skill, perseverance and elbow grease, Craig and his family have never lived in a home that they did not build themselves.

Craig married his wife Mandy in the Spring of 2005 in Niagara Falls, NY with the picturesque water falls in the background of the ceremony. The minister that performed the service was featured on the Travel Channel, because he was well known for marrying couples by the falls. A year or two later, Craig and his wife spotted him on a TV special and said “Hey, that’s our guy”!

Having 10-year-old twin girls, Belle and Evey, life is never ordinary or monotonous. With both of his daughters involved in sports, there is always a volleyball or basketball game to attend. One of his daughters is convinced that football is in her future. As a family, they spend a lot of quality time outdoors; camping, biking and exploring Northwest Arkansas. When Craig is not spending time with his wife and daughters, he likes to go to the gym and de-stress.

In addition to Craig’s work ethic and level headedness, Craig has a fantastic sense of humor. Something his fellow employees love about him. His wit and character are only a minuscule part of what makes working with Craig so delightful. He is mindful, enthusiastic, determined and respectful. He is a commodity in the Truckload division at Airways and it is a pleasure to work with him every day.