Since birth, Brock Wood has been a part of Airways Freight. He spent a lot of his childhood in and around the office, and always knew the history and values that Airways was built on. He grew up knowing how much the employees loved their jobs, and thought he would one day be a part of that.

Brock previously worked at a local grocery store, in the receiving department. His customer interactions gave him the skill and knowledge to transition to a position at Airways in the Domestic Operations Department, where he is currently. Brock appreciates and acknowledges the challenge it takes to “think outside the box”, and he has demonstrated that continually.

Brock was born and raised in East Fayetteville, Arkansas and grew-up close to Elkins, Arkansas. Some of his favorite memories were spent riding around backroads on four wheelers and motorcycles. On one occasion he remembers he and his brother getting mini bikes Christmas morning, and within minutes after receiving them, they had both wrecked them!

Brock met his wife Mandy while working together at Airways. They married in 2008 and have a son named Parker. Hand in hand, they have completed three different remodeling jobs to their family home, which is something Brock takes great pride in.

When not working, Brock loves being outdoors. He likes camping at the lake, shooting guns and riding ATV’s. Brock also loves to travel and is quite a history buff. He enjoys learning about history and visiting historical sites and museums. Brock believes that visiting historical areas gives people a greater appreciation for what they have, and what people had to go through before us, to give us the freedoms that we often time take for granted.

This past year, Brock got to travel to Guam on his ten-year anniversary with Airways. His experience was very humbling in that he visited WWII landmarks and museums and one of the beaches particularly had a lot of remaining heavy artillery from WWII and he imagined thousands of soldiers coming ashore, knowing and learning what they had gone through to take Guam back from Japan, and eventually secure the United States foothold in that area.

Brock is laid back and personable, he is also described by his co-workers as hard working and dedicated to both his job as well as his family and friends. He is respected among his co-workers and his work ethic is commendable and appreciated. He most recently has been appointed as one of our Advisory Board members. Go Brock!