Surrounded by women for most of his life, Grant has quite the talent for saying just the right things to not get himself into too much trouble! With two sisters, a wife, three daughters, and ten female employees working for him in the Accounting department, having that ability comes in handy!

Born in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, Grant was raised a military brat moving from place to place, including Texas, North Carolina, Georgia, Oklahoma and Europe. After choosing the same path, he found himself a Corporal in the United States Army and spent quite a few years living in Germany.

Grant prides himself on his family, and his marriage of thirty years to his wife, Meg. Together they have raised three daughters and a son.

Their first daughter Haley, most recently married, graduated college and is currently working as a Teacher. Their second daughter Erin, is attending medical school at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences; and third daughter Clare, is attending the University of Arkansas. Their son Jack, has just begun college at Northwest Arkansas Community College.

Grant began his journey with Airways Freight in September of 1989. With next year being 30 years, there’s not one person at Airways that has not had some kind of correspondence with him, new or old. Working as the Accounting Manager, Grant’s objective approach has made him significant in the day to day administration of his department. He’s worn many hats over his tenure, but consequently settled into the world of accounting and has made it his chief initiative ever since.

Anyone that knows Grant, knows he loves to read. One of his favorite authors is Edgar Rice Burroughs, an American fiction writer most notably known for Tarzan and John Carter. One of the first books he ever read was by Sir Walter Raleigh, another fictional writer from the late 1500’s. He was a poet, soldier, politician, spy and explorer and most significantly a writer. His writings told of his explorations and the popularizing of tobacco in England and notably the namesake of Raleigh, North Carolina.

Grant is independent in his thinking, he is cognitive and likes to think outside the box. He comes from a long line of intellectual minds, and even has a sister who is a Romance novelist on the bestseller list.

Grant is congenial and has an impressive knack for feigning the narrative. He has a jovial disposition and complaisant attitude. He also reminds us on the regular that “Every day is a Holiday, and every meal is a banquet”.