There are some places that seem to leave a lasting impression on a person; to Tacie Johnson, Airways Freight was always one of those places. Echoing her 1997 employment, Tacie started her second go-round with Airways in July of 2014 after sixteen years as a homemaker and a short time as a dental assistant.

Her decision to return to Airways was very easy, she had always loved the atmosphere and people. What she loves most now, is the teamwork that is involved in every aspect of the company. Everyone is working to achieve the same goal, and she loves feeling as though she is an integral part of that team.

Tacie returned to Airways as part of the Accounts Receivable department and has also taken on the responsibility of working as the Claims Manager. Her finesse for being able to communicate with customers and her efficiency in organization make Tacie the perfect successor to the position.

Growing up in West Fork, Arkansas, Tacie’s parents still live in the same home that she grew up in. At the age of 13, Tacie started to sing and play bluegrass music. Her instrument of choice is the upright bass, but she also plays the guitar, fiddle and mandolin. During her time as a teenager, she was involved in many bluegrass festivals and played in the same musical circle as Alison Krauss. Tacie’s talent has made a tremendous impact on her life. She feels very blessed and loves to play music whenever she can. She frequently plays with her band at various bluegrass venues.

Tacie met her best-friend and husband Chad, 23 years ago. They have a 20-year-old son Connor. When time allows, they love to take long drives in the country and like spotting eagle’s nests. They love playing music together and watching old black and white movies. One of their favorite places to go is the infamous Wooden Spoon Restaurant in Gentry, Arkansas, which makes the best bread pudding in Northwest Arkansas!

Tacie has a great attitude and is described by her co-workers as “sweet”. One of her favorite quotes is “Let your smile change the world, but don’t let the world change your smile”. She also loves “Happy Girls are the prettiest” by Audrey Hepburn. She always lives by the golden rule, and her sincerity shines. She’s a class act and one of a kind!