When it comes to the new generation of employees at Airways Freight, Morgan Bronson is a shining example of ingenuity and skillfulness, that validates the growth and progression Airways has made recently.

Morgan’s journey began in September of last year, after hearing about an opening from her Mother – who had been doing business with Airways for many years. Since then she has made leaps and bounds in learning the inner workings of the freight-forwarding world. She went from doing data entry in the Trade Show department to working in the Night Operations department. Morgan enjoys her job and has a great fondness for her fellow co-workers.

Morgan was born and raised in Fayetteville, Arkansas and attended college at the University of Arkansas. After graduating, she did an internship at Nordstrom’s, in Denver, Colorado for a year which she now feels is one of her greatest accomplishments. Moving to a city of over 700,000 people and not knowing a single soul proved to be quite challenging, but her experience was truly worthwhile.

When it comes to her favorite things to do outside of work, she really enjoys shopping, going to concerts, and attending sporting events. She also has a knack for baking and likes watching her favorite programs on television; The Office, Supernatural and Bob’s Burgers are the ones she watches religiously. Morgan also loves spending time with her Mom and considers her the most influential person in her life; she is strong and successful and one of the smartest people she knows!

Morgan loves to travel and in 2010, Her and her Mother took a trip to Europe. During their visit, they visited every tourist attraction there, including Stonehenge, the Eiffel Tower and Versailles. They went from London to Brussels, Belgium. On another trip in 2011, Morgan went with her family and friends to Australia. She experienced scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef as well as visiting the Sydney Opera House. She also saw Ayers Rock and visited areas that were home to many indigenous people. From visiting Notre Dame to eating a camel burger in Australia, Morgan has experienced quite a bit in her life. She wants to continue traveling the world, and she has many more adventures in her future.

Morgan is very laid back and believes in life, whatever happens, happens. She also has a great sense of humor. She is strong and determined and is successfully building a solid foundation on which to become one of Airways best.